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Welcome to the official BABY SONGS web site. We are delighted that you found us. Your support for our videos has been fantastic. As a matter of fact, it was because of you and your requests for more BABY SONGS, that we decided to create this site.

A day does not go by that I am not asked "where can I find the BABY SONGS DVDs?" Our web site ( will give you that information. However, this site is more than a catalog. Our official web site includes information about the behind the scenes of our productions, fun anecdotes about BABY SONGS, updates on new videos, how you can purchase DVDs, your feedback and much more.

It has always been a joy for me to hear parents say how BABY SONGS has helped them with the day to day care of their infants and toddlers. I know personally, the joys and stresses of raising young children. If our DVDs provide you with twenty minutes of free time to cook dinner, talk to your spouse, or laugh and relax with your toddler, then I have done my job. You can feel good that your child is watching age-appropriate quality television. I know for many of you, the words "my mommy comes back, she always comes back" and "your friends don’t want to take your toys away - they just want a chance to play" have helped you and your children get through some busy times.

Please e-mail me your thoughts and ideas about BABY SONGS and your comments about this site. I am also interested in your personal experiences with our DVDs.

I hope you will visit us often to check out our monthly news, contests, special offers and articles. Thanks for visiting us online. Best Wishe:

Amy Weintraub
Producer, Backyard Enterprises, Inc.