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Welcome to Babysongs!
Welcome to Babysongs!

About Baby Songs

We are Backyard Enterprises Inc., a.k.a. Backyard Productions. We are the creators and producers of the BABY SONGS and TALES & TUNES children’s video series. We are dedicated to producing original, quality, and entertaining media products for children. Our mission is to create programs that preschoolers love - and won’t drive parents crazy! We want parents to enjoy our programs, too!

Amy Weintraub and Brooks McEwen met in 1983 in a prenatal class when they were pregnant with their first children. Both Amy and Brooks had been involved in television production but had quit their jobs in the hope of staying home with their babies. Tired of singing "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" and "The Wheels on the Bus", they discovered the wonderful original children’s music by Hap Palmer. Fans of MTV, they decided to contact Hap to create music videos for toddlers based on his original and entertaining songs.

They formed Backyard Productions in 1985 in Amy’s backyard garage - and BABY SONGS was born! The idea of BABY SONGS was to create videos that would keep young children entertained. They instinctively knew that young children love to watch other young children. Using that premise, Amy and Brooks decided to take children watching the videos to familiar places - playgrounds, kitchens, grocery stores, homes, and show young children just like the viewer in the videos. Each video contains over 100 children in over 20 locations. BABY SONGS reflects the child’s world and portrays issues that young children are concerned about like separation anxiety, sharing toys, getting dressed, tasting new foods, and more.

By 1998 Amy and Brooks had produced nine BABY SONGS videos, six TALES & TUNES videos and four BABY SONGS audio tapes. The success of BABY SONGS has spread mostly by word of mouth. Parents recommended it to other parents who recommended it to their friends. Testimonials came in from day care centers, pediatricians, media reviewers, educators and celebrities like Jane Pauley, John Lithgow, and Sting! These tapes are now available nationwide in video/music stores, mass merchants and children’s toy stores. Total sales have been over 1.5 million. Needless to say, Backyard moved out of Amy’s backyard and into offices - close to home. Amy now runs the business, and plans are to produce new BABY SONGS videos, books, and audio tapes.

BABY SONGS was chosen TV Guide’s pick of best children’s home video; People Magazine’s pick for hot new music videos for tots: Siskel & Ebert gives them "two thumbs up". They have won numerous Parents' Choice Awards - but the best feedback has come from the hundreds of fans who have responded to these videos. We are very proud that our videos appeal to both parents and children. Our goal is to make you smile!

BABY SONGS is a winner! Over 4 million sold!

• Parent's Choice Gold Medal • TV Guide Best Kids Videos • "A" Rating - Parenting Magazine • Other Awards

We love hearing from you! Please e-mail us with your questions about our videos - we promise to get right back to you!