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Welcome to Babysongs!

Baby Songs Good Night DVD

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Baby Songs Good Night DVD

SKU: baby-songs-good-night-dvd
These sweet, gentle tunes and new lullabies by Hap Palmer create a loving environment in which children can sing together, play quietly or peacefully drift off to sleep.

Product Description


      Includes the following songs (click on song title for lyrics):
    • 1. All Night, All Day
    • 2. A New World To Explore
    • 3. Old Rocking Chair
    • 4. Spinning On The Same Ball
    • 5. I Sleep Till Morning
    • 6. Counting Miracles
    • 7. Sleep My Baby
    • 8. Lovey & Me
    • 9. Sleep On
    • 10. Teddy Bear Ball
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